Wednesday, August 06, 2008

On the road again

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Another day, another road. Heading out of Santa Fe, we encountered more Pueblification, seen at the beginning of yesterday's report. Even the nice houses looked tacky after all that "adobe."

As we headed north thru the Rockies, we drove under blue, blue skies with cumulous and cumulonimbus clouds along the mountain tops.
The Road Ahead
Amazing Vistas

Amazing Vistas   Amazing Vistas   Amazing Vistas   Amazing Vistas

The bones of the mountains showed thru, in some cases red.
Bones of the Mountains in Red
In some cases beige.
Bones of the Mountains in Beige
In some cases, both.
Bones of the Mountains in Red and Beige  Bones of the Mountains in Red and Beige

As we came down onto the high plains, odd bits of rock stuck up like thumbs thru the soil
Thumb of Rock
Thumb of rock, clothed in green velvet
Thumb of Rock

High plains in New Mexico stretched away into the distance, edged with mountains at first, then just flowing away to the horizon.
Ringed By Mountains
To The Horizon

The road ahead beckons, empty, clean. This is a different form of road hypnotism. Become lost in this road and you may never return. Each mile of road leads to the next, the far horizon is your only destination.
The Road Beckons

As the road tops a hill, grazing herds of cattle, horses, and antelope can be seen. Yes, antelope. They came in to and out of view so quickly, I could not photograph them.
Cattle Grazing
Horses And Barn

The clouds and the sun cause shadows to dance across the land, changing the shape of the land and the color of the grass in passing.
Grass And Shadows

It may be easier to transport wood to the prairies, but there are still reminders that wood is a precious commodity. These power poles are not much higher than the fence posts.
Short Power Poles

The colors of the grass change from golds and greens, to shades of green, and back again, as the road flows over the prairie.
Grass-Gold And Green
Green Green Grass

The borders between states seem to be quite dramatic markers. Between Arizona and New Mexico, the spectacular cliffs. The northern border of New Mexico with Colorado has some marvelous mountains.
Mountains of the Border
Mountains of the Border

Above the mountains, the cumulous clouds gather, shading and sometimes raining on the ground below. Always a delight.
Cumulous Over Colorado

The Colorado side shows some mine tailings there on the left. And shows Mother Nature starting her cover of green in the pockets of soil.
Colorado Mine Tailings

The prairie on the Colorado side seems drier. The land is covered in golden grass as far as the eye can see.
Colorado Grass

Cumulonimbus gather on the mountains, rain and lightning dance in the distance.

Rain On The Mountains

In a very few of the low places, a carved wash will appear, attesting to the occasional ferocity of thunderstorms in the mountains.

Colorado Wash

And then you get the odd cloud formation. ET anyone?
ET's Ship

As in New Mexico, the odd thumb of rock still appears.

Colorado Thumb of Rock

The clouds and sun dance again, changing to brown the golden hue of the grass.

Shadows Of Gold And Brown

The house on the hill commands the heights, and is master of all it surveys. The view must be marvelous.

House On The Hill

Finally, we make it to Denver. Just in time for rush hour traffic. Which works out well, as I got a partial shot of Invesco/Mile High Stadium. Go Broncos!!

Mile High Stadium

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