Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're moving

The first week in March, my housemates and I were notified the owner of our property had sold it, and we had 30 days to pack and move.

Yeah right. Like that was going to happen. It finally dawned on all concerned, including the new owner, that packing up a three bedroom, huge office, really old-fashioned kitchen, a double-car garage full of stuff, a 50foot by 15 foot workshop full of parts and equipment for an electrician and handyman, a 50foot by 35 foot storage building full of several hundred video arcade games and assorted parts, a two-stall and tack room barn full of the overflow from everything else, as well as numerous sheds, pieces of equipment, lumber, and miscellaneous bits and pieces scattered over the 3.5 acre lot, while hunting down a new place, or places, to hold all this, while also holding down jobs enough to pay for it all, was not something that could be done in 30 days.

So they gave us 60 more. We have until the end of June to do all of the above. Fun times.

Since I'm the one with the most part-time of jobs, and the best packer, I'm packing. And packing, and packing, and... do we really need to keep all five of these? Yes? Ok.... and packing and packing.