Saturday, January 01, 2000

More About Me

Yes, the date is bogus. I don't like the official "About Me" Blogger page. I also didn't like the long, rambling discourse about me on the front page. So here you are.

Avogadro's Number and I go 'way back. When I first started writing in what might be considered a blog precursor, a fanzine, I called my stuff Avogadro's Number.

Named after Amedeo Avogadro, it has to do with how many atoms or molecules of a substance is in any given mass or volume. This number of atoms/molecules is called a "mole". Why am I boring you with all this? Because the origin of this blog's name is in the little cartoon mole I would draw on my high school chemistry papers, named, not surprisingly, Avogadro. My teacher was amused, but not any more inclined to give me an A than she had been before I started drawing my little friend.