Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rush Limbaugh nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

An acquaintance I unfortunately had to overhear, was mightily impressed with the fact that Rush Limbaugh had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Price. I told this person that to be nominated for the Peace Prize, you can either get a petition signed by lots o'people, or you can pay a fee. The Nobel Prize committee is perfectly happy collecting $$$ from fools with enough money to support that ego trip. There's a list somewhere, and I'm not going to hunt it down, of all the people who nominated themselves for the NPP, or were nominated by $$$, so their little egos can gloat.

I told this acquaintance to please turn the input cycles on his brain to a visual length longer than three words/one headline and an auditory length longer than 30 seconds. Real information comes in larger chunks than headlines and soundbites. It also comes from multiple sources, not just one. (If he thinks all websites tell the truth, go here:

I don't think this acquaintance was really interested in the truth, in any flavor, but he avoided me like the plague after that.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Global Warming and Changing Course

In a letter from a friend, who said, "Am trying to be a better citizen and pay attention to the daily things I CAN do - but in reality, it's the guys in charge of the rudder who can change course."

My reply: The guy in charge of the rudder will change course when he finds there's no one in his boat any more. Every person who "pays attention to the daily things" will convince one other person by behavior to change boats. "Silent Spring" wasn't popular, or well-known, shortly after it was written. But it has handed person to person, and look where we are now. "Environmentalist" may be a dirty word to some people, but it is a word that no longer gets a "Huh? What's that?" Global warming may have ijits like Inhofe nay-saying it, but nobody (with any connection to news) asks "what's global warming" any more.