Monday, July 23, 2007

Labor Shortage

Why are "they" saying there's a labor shortage when they won't hire me? Just because I'm over 50, have a tremendous skill set and would like more than just minimum wage for it, and have a great deal of business experience and won't put up with the "It's corporate policy" BS handed out by those who don't want to think or take responsibility for their actions. You'd think I'd be welcome. But I ask too many questions, and talk back to managers who want me to work 60 to 80 hours for 40 hours pay. I guess there is a labor shortage: a shortage of clueless, questionless, witless, helpless wage slaves. They've all gone to work for the federal government.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

President Bush thumbs his nose

When we were small children, we would put our thumbs against our noses and make various gestures with fingers. It was obvious and unmistakable.

President Bush appointed Judge Reggie Walton, because Judge Walton was a tough-on-crime, hard-as-nails, zero-tolerance, no-nonsense judge. President Bush appointed Judge Walton because Judge Walton espoused the philosphies of the right-wing Republican Party.

President Bush appointed Patrick J. Fitzgerald as a U.S. Attorney, because Fitzpatrick was a tough prosecutor with a good conviction record. The Department of Justice, full of Bush appointees, chose Fitzgerald as Special Prosecutor.

These tough-on-crime guys tried and convicted a good buddy of President Bush.

President Bush didn't like what these tough-on-crime guys did, because he didn't like the sentence personally. President Bush didn't like it that they picked on his good buddy.

So President Bush over-ruled it, giving his good buddy a "get out of jail free" card.

This is an authoritarian, autocratic, arrogant, elitist, socially and politically clueless nose-thumbing of a spoiled child of privilege. It is obvious and unmistakable.