Saturday, June 28, 2008

Footsteps of Fire

Black cloud with legs of lightning,
Striding imperiously across the landscape.
Footprints left on the land burn brightly
In memory of your passage.

The 2008-09 California fire season is starting in northern California. Dry thunderstorms, strong with lightning but no rain, are walking their way across the Sierras. The area got much less rain in April/May, and is tinder waiting for sparks. CalFire (California forestry fire department) has the upper half of the state on fire weather watch, as more such storms are coming thru. The Governator has declared several counties disaster areas due to the fires. If you want good California wines, you might want to stock up now, as wine country from Sanapanoma* to Monterey is on fire, as well as other wine areas not so well known.

Oh my poor state. We're in for an ugly fire season again.

*Sanapanoma - Napa and Sonoma
BTW, the poem is original. You quote it, you put my name on it.

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