Monday, August 13, 2012


I made a pilgrimage to the University of Vermont Middlebury's Morgan horse farm on 8 August. It was just a bit hot and humid, so I didn't stand outside much. And the pictures in the barn didn't come out too well. Gee, I guess I'll have to go back.

Morgan Statute At UVM

Statute of Morgan, given in memory of Justin Morgan










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Robert A. Little said...

I used to have a friend, Lali Brunson. We graduated from VHHS and my friends and I honored the institution of The Draft by volunteering for something other than the army. Upon separation, I became friends with Lali, who had become increasingly comely in my absence. She owned two Morgans, brother and sister. The brother was named Senator's Gift (in honor of Senator John Kennedy). She raced him at the inaugural Yuba City cross country race, coming in 3rd after he foundered while fording the river. The second year she won. Her photo, taken as she leans down to accept the trophy, doesn't fail to reveal that she was six months pregnant. I dearly loved Lali, she was a unique and wonderful woman. She died in 1981 of leukemia. I miss her, and your photos brought that back. Thank you.