Saturday, June 23, 2007

BiPartisan Immigration Bill Dies - Thank Ghods

Headline reads "Despite wide bipartisan support, comprehensive immigration reform has just been derailed in the Senate." To which I say Huzzah!

Having followed that debate, having read part of the bill-thing they were working on, having a cousin who's an immigration lawyer who was on loan from the federal Immigration Dept to work for Senatory Kyl from AZ and whose opinion I value, I have a bit of insight on that bill:

It sucked. It was destined to go down in flames from the day it waswritten. Ammendments to it only mangled it into a more twisted form. It was bipartisan support only because immigration was a hot-button issue with those who vote. (The 2006 elections got thru to the few remaining Republicans who actually think for themselves.) The support was of the
"get on the bandwagon" type. And when the "swift boaters" attached the phrase "amnesty" to it, there was no hope for that bill or any other to make it out of committee. The "amnesty" program was so harsh as to be punitive in nature, and would more likely cause the illegals to stay here and hope for something better in ten to fifteen years. But the sound-biters grabbed "amnesty" and successfully ran with it for all it was worth.

I am personally grateful the thing didn't make it out of committee. It would have required life-support from the get-go, and our current federal government doesn't provide support for bills it likes, much less those it