Sunday, September 09, 2007

On a Slow Newsday

kijiji (kee-jee-jee or ki-ji-ji?), a new site claiming to be craigslist only better, has a better format, has a better ordering system, is prettier than craistlist. And probably will start charging for stuff within the year, after we've all gotten hooked. Or running mondo advertising, ditto. After all, it's owned by eBay, and eBay is out there to make money, not provide a service for the fun of it. Craigslist is extremely bare bones, and thus does not need a huge support staff. kijiji will "improve" and "add features" so as to take away market share from Craigslist. What I think will happen is that those of us who use stuff like that will use both systems, until one breaks. My bet is on kijiji breaking first. I could be wrong. I've been known to be so.

And I am *shocked*, SHOCKED I tell you, to hear that PROSTITUTION is RAMPANT on Craistlist. I am appalled, truly APPALLED, that those elements of society that disobey laws "in real life" would stoop to doing exactly the same things on the Internet. I ask you, what is the world coming to?

In other words, yeah? so? I can be grateful that it's such a slow news day, for if things were going wrong, that issue would never get such a big write-up.